Cat Food Review Home Cat All Stage

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At this time will share information about Home Cat cat food. This Home Cat cat food is cat food originating from Korea.

Designation of Product Packaging
The following is the appearance of Home Cat All Stage cat food product packaging:

Available Flavors
I am not familiar with the flavors available for this brand, because I personally have a hard time getting information about this cat food from the pet shop where I found this cat food. But before discussing the white-yellow packaging Home Cat Home Cat All Cat cat food, has already discussed purple cat food for the Home Cat brand.

My assumption, it looks like the Home Cat purple packaging is for kitten, because the picture of a cat that is packed in purple cat food Home Cat is a picture of a kitten alias kitten. Whereas on the Home Cat packaging the white-yellow packaging also says “All Stage” which means this cat food can be for all ages of cats.

Kibble / Biscuit Shape
The following are kibble forms of Home Cat All Stage cat food.

Ingredients and Nutrition
The following are the ingredients and nutrients contained in Home Cat All Stage cat food:

Is there a repack package?
Yes, there is.

What is the difference between Purple and White Home Paint?
Same. All contents are the same. Only different packaging. So, the design of each product is different for each bag weight, but the contents are equally cat food Home Cat All Stage.

For 1 kg of cat food can be obtained from the price of 50-70rb / kg.
Well, if you are interested in Cat Lover for this product, you can go to chat.

Only Rp. 86,500 / 1.5kg Freshpack (Purple Packaging)

For Cat People who want to try this cat food, you can try it on with a price of 49 thousand / kg repack packaging.

Conclusions & Reasons Why Recommend This Product Cheap

And he said this product was included in the super premium grade. When I smell this kibble cat food, I feel the same way, like this super premium cat food. As we all know, that super premium grade cat food usually has a distinctive odor of cat food. Besides that the kibble also looks soft, fragrant, and slightly wet, not too dry.

But I myself have not tried this cat food, because by chance the cat food is still there.

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