Dangerous Food For Cats

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WebMD s slideshow explains the most dangerous and toxic foods to your cat..Here s a look at some of the most toxic foods for cats. Onions and Garlic. Raw Eggs, Raw Meat Bones. Chocolate and Caffeinated Drinks. Alcohol and Raw Dough. Milk and Dairy Products. G.s and Raisins. Dog Food. Preventing Cats from Eating Dangerous Foods..Common human food poisonous to cats. Alcohol. As little as a tablespoon of alcohol can lead to problems for your cat. Chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine. Coffee, tea and energy drinks. Cheese and milk. Fat trimmings, raw meat, raw eggs and raw fish. G.s and raisins. Onions and garlic. Xylitol..But that doesn t mean cats will never partake in some human food, in some dogs, we re still not sure of the danger they pose to cats..Know what are the most toxic and poisonous foods for cats. However, you better watch your plate not intend on treating cat with any human food..Many human foods are dangerous to cats. Read about of the worst toxic food offenders that can kill your cat and how much it takes to hurt .While there are some safe foods for cats, there are just as many or more that you All foods belonging to the onion family are toxic for cats in large doses..

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